Playing a Vulcan can be a real head trip: It was enough to lead the most famous Vulcan, Leonard Nimoy, to title his first autobiography I Am Not Spock, and to title his second I Am Spock. Anthem resident Lawrence Montaigne—a longtime stunt man, dancer and actor—describes playing a Vulcan in an episode of the original Star Trek series (he played a Romulan in another episode) in his self-published 2006 book, A Vulcan Odyssey.


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Despite the title, most of the semi-autobiographical novel details Montaigne’s improbably interesting life as an actor playing bit parts in movies around the world. The highlight, describing a La Dolce Vita-esque tryst with a 16-year-old Italian actress: “I could not believe that this nymphet had chosen to share my bed, and I felt no sense of guilt in having had sexual relations with this gorgeous minor.” Anthem will never be the same.


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