Peeking inside Vegas comic George Wallace’s new book

Julie Seabaugh

1. In his foreword, Jerry Seinfeld feels “completely free” to say anything he wants, because “who’s buying this Vegas walkout souvenir crapola anyway?”

2.Wallace’s degrees in transportation and marketing from the University of Akron landed him a job selling bus ads in New York City. When a client told Wallace he was opening a comedy club called the Comic Strip, he was invited to perform his first open mic.

3.When visiting Hong Kong, Wallace noticed everything said, “Made Just Around the Corner” on it. “They make everything over there. There’s a factory factory in Seoul. Entire factories rolling out on a conveyor belt.”

4.“Many of us have a main phobia that has dogged us for most of our lives. Mine is a great fear of not being funny as hell. I have successfully fought against this all of my life. For you it might be spiders, heights, or public speaking … If you can conquer what you fear most, what’s to stop you from toppling every other obstacle in your life?”

5.“I’ve always been young at heart. It’s the 77 other organs I’m worried about. I’ve always been a high-energy person when I’m not sleeping or taking one of my several naps a day.”

6.Wallace actually provides legitimately practical, helpful tips about spending habits, achieving goals, the futility of dwelling on the past and more.

  • Lincoln, Grant and Clinton make appearances.

  • The posthumous collection reflects a lifetime of the writer’s journalism, essays and profiles.

  • Attempting a modern sequel of a classic novel is a dicey affair.

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