Do you believe in magic?


Family entertainment? Oh, come on! Who wants to see that? This is Vegas, for crying out loud! Still, we sat grudgingly in our seat, expecting the usual cottontails from hats, swords through bellies and other Job specialties from Arrested Development. Then Nathan Burton goes and does something we truly have never seen before: He gets turned into a photo cutout, gets shot from a cannon and winds up right behind us in the audience. Call us a “how’d-dey-do-dat?” but we became magic converts at that exact second.

The Details

From the Calendar
Nathan Burton’s Comedy Magic
Friday through Wednesday, 4 p.m.
Flamingo, 733-3333
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Nathan Burton

The rest of Burton’s show is no less bewildering, and you begin to feel pretty darn clueless as the inexplicable illusions begin to pile up. What makes this experience all the more maddening for the cynic in us is how damn likable Burton is. He truly is a big kid onstage, just wanting to please his audience. He’s even incorporated a few tricks he did as a preteen to show his humble origins. Heck, he’s even got his family working with him on the show. It’s all so down-to-earth, you wonder what this guy’s doing in decadent Las Vegas. But thankfully, he is.

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