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Water usage down in Las Vegas. Everyone suddenly realized that booze was actually cheaper.

NV Energy seeking 17.5 percent electric rate hike. So much for our money-saving booze solution.

Paperboy robbed in North Las Vegas. “Hey, at least I wasn’t hit by an airplane,” he said.

Clark County to look at safety at North Las Vegas Airport. While you’re at it, can you look into the paperboy situation too?

Michael Phelps reportedly getting serious with Las Vegas waitress. She loved his gold medals, and he loved the fact that she could serve him lots of food.

Oscar Goodman launches “buy local” campaign. Yes, it’s time to support all the things that make Vegas tick—like gambling addiction and pasties.

Mike Tyson has Thanksgiving run-in with police. Apparently the soup kitchen’s limit on dinner rolls was one, not two.

Vegas casino workers angry with new IRS tip rules. Until they realized there aren’t any more tips to tax.


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