So what’s the good news?

Floods in the Midwest? Rotten tomatoes? Gas price record du jour? Enough already! We’ve reached our saturation point. We gathered the Weekly staff together for a group hug recently, and in the middle of the feel-good clasp, we felt compelled to share the good news in our lives. Luckily, one of us was taking notes:

I finally beat Guitar Hero on “Hard.”

Starbucks just refilled its half and half container. It was so fresh …

I just traded three stiffs for Carl Crawford in my fantasy baseball league. Steals, here I come!

My car hasn’t exploded yet.

My rash finally cleared up.

Nothing’s fallen off the monorail in a while.

I toppled just two bright-orange pylons while slaloming through the “Mile of Road Construction” on East Robindale Road.

Nobody died at CityCenter this week.

Paris Hilton’s wedding talk does not include a ceremony in Las Vegas.

I haven’t been drafted.

I had some really good sashimi over the weekend—and it was only $6.50.

It’s been three months since my neighborhood’s mail truck was stolen. So far, so good.

My dog finally stopped pooping in the house. Either that or she’s eating the evidence. Hard to tell.

Have you been to Fresh & Easy? That store is AWESOME.

I just saved a ton of money by switching to Geico.


Taco Bell’s new slushy Frutista Freeze drinks are the brain freeze-inducing bomb.

I started putting limes in my Coronas. I get it now!

Got some good news to share? We want to hear it! Add your comment below.


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