What’s in a slogan?

Our suggestions for a slightly new Vegas catchphrase


”What happens here stays here.”

“Your Vegas is showing.”

“Be anyone.”

“Vegas right now.”

Las Vegas is a city marketed like no other. The image of Sin City as an adults-only playground where anything is possible is reflected in the catchy slogans and commercial spots that have been used over the years. But let’s face it: Reality is catching up to our beloved burg. The headlines this year show cracks in the façade. In the spirit of representing our city honestly, we here at the Weekly have come up with some slogans of our own, ones that more accurately reflect recent trends:

The seemingly never-ending drought that has Lake Mead at record low levels: Leave the umbrella at home.

The hepatitis C outbreak: Your life is in our hands.

... and the subsequent medical crackdown: We’ve got all our docs in a row.

The foreclosure crisis: Where a house isn’t a home, it’s a steal.

Plummeting gaming revenues: You’re not gambling—you’re feeding a family.

Nearly 100 percent of high school students flunking math proficiency exam: Las Vegas: Don’t test us.

Increased shootings: What happens off-Strip stays off-Strip.

The all-too public marital woes of Jim Gibbons:We do divorces right—hell, ask our governor.

To hell with the economy—Las Vegas just continues to build and expand Las Vegas: Our glass is half-full.


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