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Truck driver shaken after dummy bomb falls from the sky and hits his truck in Las Vegas city limits. Sorry, guy. Actually, it was the latest marketing for Criss Angel’s Believe.

Man with explosives pulled off Las Vegas-bound plane. Thanks, but we’ve already got enough bombs falling from the skies.

Mob-era gambling boss Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal dies at 79. Really, how organized could the crime have been if he lived that long?

Gov. Jim Gibbons sued in federal court for allegedly threatening rape. Sources say the state budget is preparing a similar suit.

O.J. Simpson seeks new robbery trial in Las Vegas. He’s not looking for a different verdict; it’s just that he’s got a stamp card, and the next trial is free.

Aliante Station set to open its doors in North Las Vegas. They’re expected to win the Weekly’s “Great Timing Award” for 2008. Congratulations!

Despite divorcing, first couple will hand out Halloween candy at guv’s mansion. It’s part of Gibbons’ new Doesn’t Candy Taste Better than an Education? initiative.


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