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Ranking Vegas is B.S.! Mostly…

Please allow us to call bullshit. Sorry, but two recent rankings for Las Vegas on those now oh-so-common lists that reduce an entire population to a percentage point are so off the mark it beggars belief. First there’s the list of “bang for the buck” cities that ranks LV as 92nd in affordability. Hey, our home prices are in the toilet, but more than 13 percent of our workforce is on the dole. They couldn’t buy a toaster, for chrissakes! And then there’s the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, which ranked our state as the 38th happiest in the nation. First off, we have the nation’s most embarrassing governor. Second, we lead the country in foreclosures. Third, we have the worst drivers ... Um, okay, maybe that last one’s correct. Damn.

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