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Las Vegas sees dip in robberies. Well, unless you count the banks robbing people of their homes, their hopes and their dreams.

Mayor Oscar Goodman wants four more years. Works for us. After all, would you want this guy walking around with time on his hands?

Harry Reid tells Nevada: No pork barrel in economic stimulus package.Guess that Las Vegas Weekly beer garden will have to wait.

Size of the Harmon Hotel & Spa cut almost in half after construction errors are found. Sure, it hurts MGM Mirage, but look at the bright side—Mylanta stock just went through the roof!

Las Vegas Wranglers to hold Rob Blagojevich Prison Uniform Night on January 30 Hey, he’s an Illinois governor, they’re a Las Vegas hockey team—it was a natural!

Forbes lists Henderson, North Las Vegas among the “10 Most Boring Cities.” We’ve taken care of that with the upcoming “Rob Blagojevich Prison Night” at the District.

New drivers licenses debut in Las Vegas this week. Strangest thing—someone’s already produced a fake one.


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