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Assembly overrides Gov. Gibbons’ veto of domestic-partnership bill. Finally, same-sex couples can have the same rights and responsibilities that the 50 percent of successful married straight couples do.

Las Vegas auction offering Elvis’ pill bottles, the last robe Marilyn Monroe wore before she overdosed. And our economy has officially hit rock bottom, folks.

Michael Jackson in negotiations to open casino based on Thriller. Spoke too soon—NOW it’s hit rock bottom.

Las Vegas teen finishes 11th in national spelling bee. She was tripped up by a word she’d never heard before: ethics.

Las Vegas ranks 42nd on Forbes’ healthiest-cities list. They were going to rank us No. 41—until they learned Jeff Beacher will be returning.

... And Las Vegas has the 9th highest credit-card debt, according to Forbes ... It’s Carrot Top’s fault. His show is so damn complex, it requires repeat visits.

... And Las Vegas ranked fourth most dangerous city by Forbes. Can we suggest a new list: Cities That Are NOT on Forbes’ Shit List?

Station Casinos promises biggest 4th of July fireworks display city has ever seen. Uh, better make that the THIRD most dangerous city.


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