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MGM, Disney partnering to build Disney-themed casino. We can’t decide what we’ll go to first: Pinocchio’s True Confessions or Bambi and Thumper: The Untold Story.

Pete Wentz spits on photographer while celebrating 30th birthday in Las Vegas. Hey, the guy drinks his wife’s breast milk; bodily fluids are his way of showing affection.

Mel B’s role in Peepshow to come to an end. The show’s producers had seen all they needed to see, apparently.

University of Nevada Chancellor Jim Rogers plans to host TV show after he retires. Given his desire to oust our beloved governor, it’ll be called Jim & Jim Plus Hate.

Hookers for Jesus founder weds Christian rocker in Las Vegas. We’re still trying to figure out if this is good news or a little creepy.

Las Vegas sophomore baseball phenom makes cover of Sports Illustrated. But his parents still won’t let him read the swimsuit issue.

Paris Hilton denies she once danced naked in Las Vegas. We’re glad she’s fighting this, because up to now she’s managed to maintain such a squeaky-clean Vegas image.

Lion dies at Las Vegas Zoo after eating rubber ball. Rescuers say they would have saved him if they’d been able to find the zoo.


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