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Amen Corner: Spaying and neutering opposition

You can’t imagine how relieved we were to hear that the city’s plan to make spaying and neutering mandatory is likely to face widespread opposition (even from the American Kennel Club). I mean, what are these guys thinking? So what if people fail to spay or neuter? Irresponsibility is an inherent, inalienable human right. Next thing you know, you’ll be telling everyone that recycling is mandatory! Besides, doesn’t pet overpopulation totally rock? Sure, there’s that nasty by-product of having to euthanize tens of thousands of animals every year, but think of the good by-products: Creating jobs for animal shelters; pulling in thousands in donations from those who can’t stand to see animals suffer. This is truly the goose laying golden eggs. Until she can’t anymore—then she gets put to sleep.


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