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Three thoughts on Reid-Angle

Harry Reid
Photo: Steve Marcus

REID SPRINGS ETERNAL You have to marvel at Harry Reid’s survival instincts, the party machine he built from the ground up here and the low-gaffe campaign he ran. How surprising was the majority leader’s re-election to the Senate? Put it this way: The Weekly staff had talked about preparing a “Life After Harry” article.

WHAT GOOD ARE POLLSTERS? The biggest loser wasn’t Obama’s agenda. It was Nevada pollsters. They had Sharron Angle with a 4- or 5-point lead heading into Election Day, but Reid finished with nearly a 7-point edge. Afterward, Reid blasted the polls predicting his demise and the media that “just gobble them up.” Cable news networks shrugged.

BITTER TEA State tea partiers hated Reid so much they nominated the anti-Reid. They stomped and shouted and vented right at Reid’s doorstep, organizing a rally meant to embarrass in Searchlight. Right now, I’ll bet Sue Lowden sounds pretty good to that crowd.

John P. McDonnall live blogged the election results from the comfort of his couch. Read it here.


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