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Know thy neighbor! Thoughts on the 2010 census data

The census data has arrived!

107 Percentage increase in Clark County’s Asian/Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander population since 2000, from 77,090 to 177,595. So, why doesn’t this translate to more Filipino restaurants around the Valley? I want lumpia, dammit!

72 Percentage of whites in Clark County, so breathe easy, white supremacist assholes. (Of course, a notable percentage of that includes Hispanics, because they can come from any race, which probably doesn’t sit well with said assholes.)

36.3 Median age statewide (39.6 in Henderson and 30.6 in North Las Vegas), which is on par with the rest of the country. Not normal? Our neighbors in Utah. They sport a median age of only 29.2.

21.3 Percentage of Clark County residents with a bachelor’s degree or higher— 6.2 points below the national average of 27.5. Also, 17 percent of Clark County residents are high school dropouts.

XY Sorry, dudes, but there are more men than women in Clark County: 50.9 percent male to 49.1 percent female.

26 Percentage of people living alone from 2005-09. Everyone else lived with family or in “non-family” households. No data on the number that wished they lived alone, but my last roommate experience suggests it’s a high percentage.

2.48 Average number of people in households statewide. Of course, that was before Kody Brown of Sister Wives moved his polygamous family of four wives, 13 children and three stepchildren to Las Vegas. Thanks again, Utah.


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