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In brief: LACMA’s water menu (and sommelier) and more

Water smart

When Ray’s & Stark Bar at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art announced its exquisite 45-page water menu and water sommelier, the first question that came to mind was, “Why didn’t we think of that?” Las Vegas is the land of ridiculous. Visitors are already eager to throw their money into machines. Certainly we can convince them that selecting the tastiest imported waters of volcanic origin is as electrifying as a spin on Wheel of Fortune.

Out of range

With the country skittish—and still in mourning—from recent mass shootings, it seems the Range 702, an indoor shooting facility that calls itself the “ultimate shooting adventure,” could have chosen better phrasing for its upcoming one-year anniversary than touting the opportunity to “open fire alongside the Las Vegas Strip.” Maybe, “Eject hot lead at paper targets at twice the speed of sound!” would be more appropriate.

Balloon animals

Students in Santiago, Chile, recently tied balloons onto stray dogs with messages that read, “Do not mistreat me” and “Give me love,” as highlighted in the YouTube video “I Am Here” (An Urban Intervention to Make the Invisible Visible). It had us wondering what the Southern Nevada landscape would look like with giant balloons tied to some of our social ills ... like all the foreclosed homes in the Valley that people are trying to buy. Or empty lots. Or feral cats.

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