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Get a glue gun! And other holiday decorating tips from Glamsquad 702


From a peacock Christmas tree to a cocktail bash straight out of the ’40s, there’s no vision Glamsquad 702 won’t tackle. Party arrangements and room design packages start at $299 (with some proceeds going to S.A.F.E. House’s efforts to stop domestic violence). For do-it-yourselfers, Glamsquad founder James Carreira dropped some creative wisdom about making atmosphere personal and memorable.

1. Collect pinecones from the park and turn them into wreaths or ornaments, and make centerpieces of votive candles ringed with candy canes. Carreira’s crafting must-haves include “a little bit of glitter, a glue gun ... green wire and floral tape.”

2. “At any dollar store in town, you’ll find things you can completely revamp. I found this really cool neck rest, and I used it as a base for angel wings for the top of a tree.”

3. Do perfume the space. “Don’t light 10 vanilla candles. (laughs) You want to create ambiance, not overwhelm it.”

5. Swap the sad veggie tray for family recipes—and the stories behind them.

6. Play fresh holiday jams. Hawaiian transplant Carreira recommends a vintage-sounding Christmas mix by girl group Na Leo Pilimehana, or Aretha Franklin’s holiday album. “Whatever your vibe is. … Everybody’s got their own vision.”

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