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In brief: The Third Amendment surfaces in Henderson and more

Amendment blues

Pop quiz: What’s the Third Amendment? The First is freedom of speech, the Second is guns ... but the Third? It’s the one that says the government can’t “quarter” soldiers in your home. This was big during the Revolutionary War, and now it’s making a comeback—right here in Henderson. The Mitchell family’s neighbor was being investigated for domestic violence, and the police wanted inside the Mitchells’ house to get a “tactical advantage.” Allegedly, the family said no, and allegedly, the police barged in anyway. So now the Mitchells are suing. James Madison would be so proud. —Rick Lax

Commercial curses

Well, it’s official—commercials can now use profanity, as long as it’s not technically profanity. The success of those Kmart commercials (“Ship my pants”) was bound to lead to someone playing copycat, and sure enough, Fresh & Easy has taken the bait with its “F&Easy” campaign. A spokesman for the grocery chain’s new ad agency, Ignited, says the campaign “inspires passion and energy.” Hmmm. In the meantime, what’s next: KF&C? —Ken Miller

Just a bluff?

Sheldon Adelson’s adamant stance against legal online poker has some players a bit, well, flushed. Poker insider Nolan Dalla, on his website, is calling for a five-day boycott of the poker room at Adelson’s Venetian. “Let’s show Adelson that the poker community will not sit passively and remain silent while he trashes our game and denies us our rights,” Dalla writes. Odds are the boycott will have little long-term effect, but it could be an important first step in getting the poker community more involved in its own best interests. —Ken Miller

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