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In brief: A boating protest on the Strip, the AHCA impact in Nevada and more

Drinking problem

Oops. More than 1,300 open container violations issued on Fremont Street were tossed recently due to a lack of information and some confusion over what, exactly, is illegal. Metro’s Criminal Offense Handbook is missing the part of the open container ordinance that states that a drink must have been “purchased in an original sealed or corked container” to be in violation. In some cases, people drinking totally legally from plastic cups or branded casino containers were cited. Looks like Metro could use an editor.

Crying need

While the GOP is still kvetching over Obamacare, in Nevada the impact of the Affordable Health Care Act was felt immediately. As Kevin Walsh, a Xerox manager working on the development of the Nevada exchange, told Bloomberg Businessweek, people are calling the hotline “with raw emotion,” sometimes in tears, because they’re so desperate for health care. Can’t help but wonder if any of those anguished souls are Republicans. Or even Tea Partiers.

Protest parade

Now that’s how you make waves. Last Sunday, Stuart Litjens, who owns Boulder Boats, organized a protest of the government shutdown of a different sort—towing approximately 20 boats down the Las Vegas Strip. Litjens estimates the shutdown could cost his business half a million dollars in boat sales, depending how long it lasts. Hopefully voters remember that visual come election time.

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