Can Galaxy Luxury+ Theatres fill the art-house void?

An interior shot of one of Galaxy Luxury+’s theaters.

When the Galaxy Luxury+ Theatres opened in the shuttered United Artists multiplex in Green Valley this past March, I saw a lot of potential—not only to breathe new life into a once-vibrant but now-tired community plaza, but also to fill a void local theaters have never really embraced: the art house.

The new theater’s offerings and aesthetics reminded me of the indie theater I frequented during college in Tucson, and with amenities geared toward adults such as reserved seating and draft beer and wine service, Galaxy was perfectly poised to offer mature audiences more mature films.

Well, Galaxy is delivering on that. The theater recently launched a Midnight Treasures series of locally produced indie films in partnership with UNLV’s Department of Film. Galaxy Vice President and film buyer Lee Josselyn made the deal, and says the theater envisions offering art films beyond the local products. Blue Jasmine screened just last month (though to be fair, it was released by Sony Pictures Classics).

“We’re always looking for any upscale art film,” says Josselyn, adding that the number of art film prints released makes it difficult for cities other than New York and LA to screen them. Josselyn says only 200-300 prints are released for most art films, while big-time blockbusters can discharge 3,500.

“We envisioned this theater to be something that everybody would go to without paying the high prices that the competition charges,” Josselyn says. “We’re trying to do both.”

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