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Breakup apps & more: Stuff for the bitter and cynical


Sad statistic

In 2010, and Cosmopolitan surveyed more than 100,000 people about love and its many derivatives, like soul-crushing heartbreak. Of the ladies surveyed, 16 percent “have been dumped by the guy just never getting in touch again.” Maybe that’s why 16 percent also “say that they would track their partner’s movements via a GPS implant if they could.”

Texting the end

If you’re not into being mature and accountable, there’s an app for that: BreakupText. Answering basic questions will summarize your situation à la, “I’m breaking up with a man I was in a casual relationship with because I was eaten by a bear.” Once the app has you pegged, it will send your soon-to-be-ex a verbose, extra-dramatic breakup text so you don’t have to compose a concise, extra-sensitive breakup speech.

The Breakup App

If you’ve been through such a breakup and want to anonymously share, this site is compiling data through a survey. Recent analysis shows that breakups happen most often through an in-person talk, with texting and phone calls not far behind. When it comes to the “ignoring and drifting away” method, women favor it, whereas more men than women will end things “through a friend or family.”

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