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In brief: Kevin Kline bashes Vegas, an attempt to name a Lake Tahoe cove after Mark Twain

Never the Twain shall meet

Mark Twain helped bring Nevada fame with the book Roughing It, and the Nevada State Board on Geographic Names wants to name a cove after him at Lake Tahoe—but it might not happen. The board tried two years ago, but its national counterpart rejected it because of doubts Twain actually camped at the spot. This year, the board is taking two (slightly) different tactics—focusing on his association with Nevada and trying to get the cove named after Samuel Clemens (Twain’s real name).


Add Kevin Kline to the ever-growing list of celebrities who hate Las Vegas. In a recent interview, Kline vowed never to return, saying that, while filming the movie Last Vegas, “everyone looked so miserable … And I couldn’t stand the constant noise. That is not my idea of tranquility.” Last time we checked, the Strip isn’t anyone’s idea of tranquility—that’s why they come here. And that “miserable” crack? Well, this city was built on people losing their money. How exactly are they supposed to look when that happens?

Wait ... there’s a test?

Apparently the excitement over driver authorization cards for immigrants reached such a fever pitch that everyone forgot one important thing: You’ve gotta take a test before you can get behind the wheel! An estimated 75 percent of applicants failed the test during the first week of the new law, which likely means two things: People didn’t bother taking the five (!) online practice tests, and those roundabouts are still tricky.

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