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Shoppers’ alert: Buffalo Exchange heads to Downtown Las Vegas

The new Main Street store will have an updated industrial look

Sell your blouses—and buy new ones!—at Buffalo Exchange’s new Downtown location come fall.

After 20 years in the University District, Las Vegas’ favorite thrift store, Buffalo Exchange, is moving Downtown.

The upcycled fashion house will move to Main Street in the Arts District at the beginning of September, says marketing director Stephanie Lew. The new location is one of few Buffalo Exchanges receiving a new “updated look” for the urban retail chain.

“We’ve already started with some of the California stores,” Lew says. “This Vegas one, we’re really emphasizing the roots of vintage, and it’s very industrial. We’re showing off the brick and open beams—the architecture of the building.”

Like the old location, the Main Street store will still feature recycled name-brand and vintage clothing, shoes and accessories, but will also stay true to the history of Las Vegas, with vintage casino pieces and slot machines on display throughout the store. “We really try to decorate to the aesthetic of where the store is and involve the culture,” Lew says.

The original Buffalo Exchange opened in Tucson, Arizona, in 1974, but Las Vegas didn’t get its first BufEx until February 1994 (there are now 45 stores nationwide). Since then, the Maryland Parkway location has become a household name for Vegas’ bargain and fashion-forward shoppers. Lew says the new location in the Arts District will provide the same experience that dedicated BufExers have come to love—but better.

“We just really wanted to be a part of that and we wanted to open it up to the clientele that’s down there and the environment seemed to fit better with us,” Lew says. “It’s going to be a whole new experience. It’s the basic elements of a Buffalo—recycled clothing—it’s just a whole new atmosphere.”

The Maryland location will not close until the Main Street store opens in the fall. Check back at for updates to this story.

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