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Are Australians really the hottest people in the world?

This Sydney After Dark performer looks good in her Nike Pro thingy … Maybe Aussies are just born hot. But what about their sex lives?
Photo: Sam Morris

It’s hotter in Australia. What else could explain the existence of both Thunder from Down Under and Sydney After Dark adult revues on the Las Vegas Strip? Both feature supposed Australian nationals dancing around and showing lots of skin in support of a theme that can be generally boiled down to this earth-shattering thought: Australians are really sexy.

In fact, other than the sort of vague all-Americanism of Chippendales, no other current Vegas show has anything to say about the relative attractiveness of this country or that one. Gone are the days of Crazy Horse Paris, a Parisian cabaret featuring leggy topless ladies dressed as (huh?) British Beefeaters; Les Folies Bergére, another Paris-inspired revue; and Havana Night Show, which starred Cuban dancers and a live band at the Stardust. Today, apparently, we’re all hot for Aussies.

But perhaps there’s fodder for other geographically inspired entertainment. Earlier this year, users of travel dating website ranked Brazilians as the world’s sexiest women (no doubt in part thanks to Gisele Bündchen, Adriana Lima and a gazillion Victoria’s Secret catalogs), with Australians trailing Russians, Colombians, Brits, Filipinas and Spanish ladies in seventh place. When it came to men, users voted Aussies into the top spot, followed by Italians, Brits, Scots, Spaniards and eventually Americans, doing us proud in sixth.

So, should we all pack our bags for the land of reverse-flush toilets, Crocodile Dundee and chlamydia-infected koalas? Not so fast. According to the Durex Sexual Wellbeing Survey (2007-’08), an international study of sexual frequency and satisfaction, Australians had some of the least exciting erotic encounters in the world, with less than 40 percent reporting steamy sex lives. Wonder what happened to all that thunder down under?

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