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Pop quiz! How well do you know Downtown’s drinking laws?

Downtown’s Fremont East Entertainment District
Photo: Steve Marcus

1. You can drink alcohol from the following containers on the Fremont Street Experience:

a. plastic footballs

b. bottles

c. cans

d. your girlfriend’s shoe

2. If you buy bottled or canned liquor from a store, you may drink it:

a. 1,000 feet from that store

b. right in front of the store

c. anywhere!

3. If you buy a beer from a tavern on Fremont East, you may drink it:

a. in the tavern

b. on Fremont East

c. only after midnight

d. a and b

4. You can walk carrying the following on Fremont East:

a. bottles and cans 1,000 feet away from packaged liquor stores

b. drinks purchased at bars, such as the one at Downtown Grand

c. a plastic football filled with cocaine

d. a and b

5. If you’re carrying a bottle of Bud Light Lime and try to walk into the Fremont Street Experience, expect the following to happen:

a. everyone will point at you and laugh

b. Metro could stop you and tell you to throw it out or finish it before entering

c. Chris Hansen will appear and ask, “What are you doing here?”

Answers: 1. a (and probably d, though gross)—the Las Vegas City Council banned bottles and cans from the FSE on June 18; 2. a; 3. a—Taverns on Fremont East have tavern-limited licenses, meaning you can drink purchases only on the premises; 4. d; 5. b.

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