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A completely unscientific guide to Snoop’s possible Vegas neighborhoods

What we know: This past January, Cordell Broadus transferred to Bishop Gorman, bringing his skills as a top-ranked wide receiver and his father, Snoop Dogg. What we don’t know: Where Snoop and company may have established residency, as we’d like to drop off a housewarming pot roast. Some random guesses:

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      Area: Summerlin

      Reasoning: On his current tour, Snoop has five upcoming dates in Canada. He must like Canada and, therefore, hockey. Since the Wranglers are homeless, Snoop will want to stick close to the Las Vegas Ice Center and its year-round dedication to the puck. Siena is less than three miles away, and boasts its own golf course and pickleball court.

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      Quail Ridge Estates

      Area: Green Valley

      Reasoning: One word—Snoopermarket. It’s about promoting high-end goods on Overstock, not toilet paper and Doritos, but it still makes us think Snoop is into a robust grocery scene. Green Valley is the place, and homes in Quail Ridge have amenities ranging from turtle ponds and basketball courts to a sick crimson staircase.

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      Spanish Oaks

      Area: Las Vegas proper

      Reasoning: When you’re famous enough to change your name to Lion, sometimes you want to keep a low profile. Given that and Snoop’s 1920s-themed residency at Tao, we figure he might frequent speakeasy-style watering hole Herbs & Rye, right by the retro cool (i.e. sweet architecture, scary microwaves) of Spanish Oaks.

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      The Ridges

      Area: Summerlin

      Reasoning: Snoop recently posted a photo of the Strip skyline to Instagram, asking: “Where am I?” Based on the perspective, we think 7 Sable Ridge Court, which has its own movie theater, bowling alley, refrigerated storage for 2,000 bottles of wine and an aesthetic approach that’s “formidable yet inviting.” Just like the Doggfather.

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