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Las Vegas: The energy drink … from Poland?

Las Vegas Power Energy Drink’s website says the beverage “gives the power of team!”

He looks like a broccoli floret with the face of Elvis, this cartoon mascot for a Polish energy drink named after Las Vegas. This isn’t the first time our city’s brand has been creatively pimped, but it’s damn funny.

Las Vegas Power Energy Drink’s website is a minefield of hilarious translations of lofty ideas riding around in shiny cans of electrolytes, vitamins and coffee. Taglines include: “The Hangover cease to exist!” “It gives the power of Team!” and “Feel caffeine hidden in bubbles!”

Sure, Red Bull gives you wings. But “Las Vegas Energy Drink is a taste of freedom and lack of restriction, allowing you to overcome your weaknesses and barriers. Each sip of this little drink motivates you to do Great Things and makes the world is in your hands. Make the impossible.” Flashy, awesomely silly promises? Suddenly the name makes sense.

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