When it rains in Las Vegas, it … well, you know

A Mercedes sedan is partially submerged in mud in the median of Interstate 15 near Glendale Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014. About 1 mile of freeway was severely damaged by runoff from Monday’s storm. The Nevada Department of Transportation expects to have two lanes open by the weekend, a spokesman said.
Photo: Steve Marcus

Flooding at The Linq

I-15 Repair After Flood Damage

Rainstorm | September 8 & 9, 2014

When it rains in the Las Vegas Valley this time of year, it doesn’t come as a drizzle or steady downpour. Rather, the sky seems to shoot torrents of wet, angry rain that pummel our streets as if making up for lost time and dry days. This past Monday’s storm was a particularly violent outburst, washing out roadways, snarling traffic and sending office workers to windows to watch the clouds explode. And when the onslaught stopped, the Valley collectively inhaled the damp musk of the earth after the rain. There’s a word for it: petrichor.

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