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In Brief: Booze at Wet ’N’ Wild, flowers in Death Valley and selfies on the trail

Wet ‘n’ Wild opens its doors today.
Las Vegas Weekly Staff

Booze 'N' Chutes Despite community protestations, the Clark County Commission has approved water park Wet ‘N’ Wild’s request for a conditional-use permit to sell beer and wine ... in a 50-square-foot pen when nearby Faiss Middle School isn’t in session. Too prohibitive for Las Vegas? A better question: Why not just open a pool filled with Grey Goose for the adults? –Mike Prevatt

Fresh Flowers Death Valley typically conjures images of sun-bleached cow skulls on a cracked desert floor, but that vision needs an update. Thanks to a strong rainy season, the world-famous destination has exploded with wildflowers, including yellow desert golds and mimulus “monkey flowers,” red Indian paintbrushes, white desert pincushions, purple Mojave asters and others. The blooms should last another couple of weeks. Hurry!​ –Kristy Totten

Trail of Selfies You have from April 6 until May 29 to snap a seriously awesome selfie in front of any Henderson trail signage if you want to win one of the cool prizes in Bike It or Hike It. There’s no cost to participate; just hit your favorite trailhead—there’s only about a million of ’em—for a pic and tag the City of Henderson with #bikeitorhikeit and you’re eligible to win stuff like a hybrid bicycle, VISA gift cards, movie passes and more. For more info, visit -Brock Radke

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