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Capturing the costumed fans at Wizard World Comic Con

Ghostbusters of Las Vegas, from left, Jeff Miller, Chris Notaro, Mike Garth, and Jeremy Schoonover, pose during the 2015 Wizard World Comic Con Las Vegas in the Las Vegas Convention Center Sunday, April 26, 2015.
Photo: Steve Marcus

2015 Wizard World Comic-Con

Wizard World Comic Con | Las Vegas Convention Center | April 26, 2015

When big comic cons come to town, we always talk about the headliners. Will we be thrilled by the sci-fi aura spun by stars willing to sign stuff and pose for precious photos? Will the booths and stages transport us to other worlds? Fat chance without the costumed fans. They are the real spectacle, the prize those of us too chicken to go all-out are hoping to see. They’re not being paid to dress up; they are in love with these characters, to the point of bringing their offspring into the grand tradition. Being a true nerd takes an investment of money, time and spirit, and when I see someone really throwing down, I almost feel like tipping.

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