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Meet me at the police station? Craigslist-related crime inspires strategies for safer transactions

Earlier this year, North Las Vegas police stations began actively encouraging online buyers and sellers to use their parking lots to ensure safer commerce.

Looking to offer that old stereo system to the Craigslist and Backpage piranha pools but are afraid of strangers coming to your house? You should be. As the popularity of digital garage sales on community posting boards has increased, so has crime among its users. So how does one conduct business without the threat of being ripped off—or worse?

Earlier this year, the North Las Vegas police stations on Las Vegas Boulevard and Washburn Road began actively encouraging online buyers and sellers to use their parking lots to ensure safer commerce. It follows the trend of national police departments officially establishing and promoting safe zones inside and outside their offices, potentially thwarting criminals trying to avoid law enforcement.

Las Vegas and Henderson police departments have yet to go that far, though both do recommend any of their parking lots for online transactions. outlines additional precautions, especially for residents unable to cart their Dynasty-era couches to the neighborhood station. And Metro public information officer Jesse Roybal generally suggests daytime deal-making at any public space that feels safe. Might we suggest Dunkin’ Donuts?

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