The Harry Reid badass-o-meter

Harry Reid: Badass enough to join the Expendables cast?

Last week, Friends for Harry Reid circulated an online quiz called “How tough Is Senator Reid?”

Naturally, we took it as an opportunity to rate the Senate Minority Leader’s badassedness, using the quiz questions and recent events (each out of 10 possible points).

Boxed at Basic High School: +7

Married his high school sweetheart: +0 (Cool, but we’re not sure why quizmakers felt it showed toughness.)

Was the apparent target of a 1981 car bomb: +9

Spent time in the Searchlight mines as a child: +5

Maintains a weekly workout regimen that includes 750 situps—at 75 years old: +6

Worked the night shift as a U.S. Capitol Police officer: +3

Returned to the Senate a week after eye surgery: +8

Total: 38 badass points, which more than qualifies him for the next Expendables cast.

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