One Las Vegan conquers PKWY’s boozy 200 beer challenge

Beer adventures await at the brew-centric PKWY Tavern.
Spencer Burton

Open since April, PKWY Tavern’s T.E.A.M. program (that’s Taphouse Exclusive Active Member) challenges imbibers to knock back 200 beers (not all at once) to earn prizes. And in less than three months, Las Vegan John Zemel became the first hop-head to conquer the boozy feat last week, scoring a personalized street sign bearing his name at the suburban space, along with a celebratory dinner in his honor.

Zemel says he visited the bar about five times a week to master its menu—an average of 66 beers per month. Participants can check five beers off their list per visit, so Zemel’s strategy was to go for the gold each time. “It felt like a missed opportunity if I was getting less than five.”

PKWY isn’t the only bar in town offering quantity quests. Knock back all 30 of Crown & Anchor’s draft beers to earn a T-shirt (and fill additional punch cards for hats, hoodies and soccer jerseys). And at McMullan’s Irish Pub and Huntridge Tavern, boozehounds who drink 100 shots of Jameson Irish whiskey join the ranks of the informal sipping society known as the Century Club, get their name on a plaque and score a bottle of Jame-O.

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