What’s the deal with Downtown’s ‘The Venue’?

The Venue should open in summer or fall, though a date hasn’t been set yet.

Architecturally, it looks like a sibling of Tivoli Village, but it’s not retail and it’s not related. The Venue Las Vegas, under construction on Fremont Street between Seventh and Eighth, will be a concert venue, comedy club and special-events site for gatherings like weddings and proms. It should open in summer or fall, though a date hasn’t been set.

Though most events held at the Venue will be private, it could host public concerts organized by third-party promoters.

“[Events] could be public, but they won’t be self-branded,” says Laura Coronado, PR and marketing director for the Venues Group. Rolling Stone magazine once rented the Scottsdale location, which boasts a retractable roof, for a Steven Tyler concert.

Sometime after the grand opening, a public comedy stage will open, and the Arizona-based owners are considering opening a ground-level lounge called VirtueVice, and a separate rooftop lounge and bar. The nine-room facility in Downtown Las Vegas includes a grand ballroom, three lounges, two meeting spaces, the comedy venue, a conference room and patio. CEO and owner Victor Perillo purchased the land years ago but didn’t break ground for the project until last year.

“He always knew Downtown had potential,” Coronado says. “He’s been keeping his eye on it and watching redevelopment.”

Now, if only it had a retractable roof.

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