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Bang for your buck? Drai’s and Sheri’s Ranch offer excess to the extreme

Photo: Christopher DeVargas

Jaw, meet floor. Las Vegas excels in over-the-top VIP packages, but the latest two surpass extravagance.

Come April, Drai’s Beach Club and Nightclub will offer the Moby Dick—the first of the venue’s bottle bundles to hit the $1 million mark. The purchaser and 40 pals meet up at one of five coastal metropolises, board a chartered yacht, detonate two (!) three-minute fireworks displays and spray each other with 400 bottles of Champagne—in addition to all the premium bubbly actually designated for consumption.

Meanwhile, more frugal ballers may opt for the Package of the Century at Sheri’s Ranch, centered around the upcoming Mayweather/Pacquiao fight. For $100,000, the Pahrump brothel is offering round-trip airfare, accommodations, tickets to the big match, transportation to and from the ranch—and sexytime privileges with all 24 of its ladies. Talk about bang for your buck.

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