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Sush Machida’s ‘Hope Corridor’ murals enliven the Child Haven facility

Portions of a mural by Sush Macheda are shown in a hallway at Child Haven Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015.
Photo: Steve Marcus

Sush Machida Mural | Child Haven | November 17, 2015

With more than 300 children admitted to Child Haven each month for emergency protection and other critical needs, the institutional corridors of the county’s intake area only seemed to add sadness to grim situations. Now that the Clark County Art Fund’s public art project “Hope Corridor” has been completed—painted by Las Vegas artist Sush Machida—the walls offer a welcoming visual wonderland designed to uplift and offer a sense of hope at a challenging and dark time for kids 17 and under. The clean lines, bright colors, pop sensibilities and harmonious compositions of Machida’s work are inviting, soothing and invigorating. Carousels, mountains, waves, goldfish, camels and flamingos mingling among stylized flora and rainbows can help, if only for a minute, energize the human spirit.

Child Haven Mural By Sush Machida

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