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Chili doughnuts? In ode to the failed McWhopper, we dreamed up our own fast-food mashups

Burrito Blizzard: Yeah, we might’ve taken it too far.

To honor International Peace Day, Burger King recently offered McDonald’s the chance to collaborate on the “McWhopper”—a well-meaning but unholy olive branch that would mate the warring chains’ signatures, the charbroiled Whopper and the Big Mac, a burger that receives its “secret sauce” via “sauce gun.” McDonald’s declined the offer on Twitter with an unimpressed, “Let’s do something to make a real difference.” Nevertheless, the bad idea for a good cause inspired the Weekly staff to dream up our own, mostly abominable mashups.

Apologies in advance.

Long John Silver’s + Sonic

Clam Breakfast Toaster

Clam strips, eggs and bacon, deliberately sandwiched between Texas Toast. Yum?

Taco Bell + Dairy Queen

Grilled Stuft Steak Burrito Blizzard

All burritos are born to be vessels.

Dunkin Donuts + Wendy’s

Chili Doughnut

With chili in place of jelly, like a lowbrow beef Wellington.

Panda Express + Arby’s

Orange Chicken Apple Turnover

A flaky, fruit and feathers pastry.

KFC + Jack in the Box

Extra Crispy Chicken Churros

Fried chicken with a churro crust. Yes, please.

White Castle + Pizza Hut

Fish Nibblers/Hot Dog Bites Pizza

A crust-itizer that alternates dog and fish bits around its exterior. Just no.

Del Taco + In-N-Out

Animal-style Macho Taco

Messy fries in a loaded taco. What’s not to like?

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