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The return of Life Cube and debut of Bliss Dance bring more Burning Man to Vegas

The Life Cube returns to Downtown for an April 2 burn.
Photo: L.E. Baskow

Northern Nevada event Burning Man continues to make its presence felt here with two developments, one more permanent than the other.

Another Life Cube—a community project that has seen editions rise and burn at both Burning Man festivals and Downtown—is going up on Fremont Street between Eighth and Ninth. Once the glass and metal framework is complete, artists of all stripes may decorate the cube starting March 19. (Ancillary activities, such as the creation of 200 satellite cubes for Clark County schools, will also take place.) During an April 2 event, it will burn, along with the wishes and affirmations placed by visitors and volunteers.

The debut of Marco Cochrane's Bliss Dance at 2010's Burning Man.

The debut of Marco Cochrane's Bliss Dance at 2010's Burning Man.

Meanwhile, reconstruction of Bliss Dance, Marco Cochrane’s joyous, 40-foot-tall sculpture of a naked woman dancing, is already underway. It has gone from Burning Man 2010 to Treasure Island, San Francisco, to what hopefully will become its final post-playa home: MGM’s Park, which opens April 4. Evenings on the Strip will now be much more aglow thanks to the 3,000 LED lights dressing the steely but fluid artwork.

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