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Debuting March 17, the latest Vegas-based ‘Real World’ might already have touched your life

The latest Vegas-based season of Real World debuts March 17.

When seven 20-something “strangers” are being followed by a film crew at a nightclub where they engage in dramatic behavior, you can guess what you’re witnessing: a future episode of The Real World. If you frequented Downtown throughout fall and winter, you might have encountered the latest cast—and soon you’ll be able to confirm your suspicions, as the third season of RW taped in Vegas debuts March 17.

I bumped into the housemates one night at off-Strip gay nightclub Share (I remember your man bun, Chris Ammon), where I observed the crew performing the usual antics (coed cat-fight in the bathroom, sh*t-talk sesh at the bar) and caught one to-be star stripping to his skivvies. I chalked it up to the staged RW format, but recently learned it could stem from the season’s twist and the series’ new gimmick—Go Big or Go Home—in which castmates are “tasked with a series of challenging group or individual missions,” like performing at a strip club. He didn’t rip off his Tommy Hilfiger undies, though, so I’ll have to wait and see if MTV sent him, um, packing.

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