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Once boozeless, all-ages fest Extreme Thing adds a beer garden

Photo: Fred Morledge

On April 2, Extreme Thing—Clark County’s all-ages music and sports festival—returns to Desert Breeze Park after a one-year hiatus, and for the first time since the inaugural 2001 edition, fans of age will be able to knock back cold ones at the long-dry fest. Two fenced-off beer gardens—one near each main stage—will feature restrooms, bleachers and dedicated food trucks. Beer-garden tickets—a $35 add-on to the $20 fest pass or available in a $50 package—are required for access, with beer-garden ticket sales capped at 1,000.

“People who started with us [around] 20 years ago have grown up,” says Brian Saliba, the county’s parks and recreation special events supervisor. “They have families now, and they’re still coming out and supporting the event, [so] as the event matures, we need to offer more services to keep those people interested.”

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