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UNLV students show off engineering wonders at the Senior Design Competition

Impact Solutions was one of 35 teams showing off engineering innovations at UNLV’s Senior Design Competition.

The UNLV College of Engineering’s annual Senior Design Competition has resulted in the creation of successful companies, wins at the Southern Nevada Business Plan Competition and Governor’s Cup, and the filing of patents. Here’s a taste of this year’s wonders:

Frequent-Z’s This vibracoustic mattress pad vibrates at low frequencies to produce a calming effect, so if it ends up at your neighborhood Target you could say goodbye to that bottle of Tylenol PM. The team set out to help those with autism spectrum disorder catch some Zs, but the science should benefit anyone. “It turns out the old adage of taking a baby for a car ride works on adults as well,” says team member Jerra Strong.

Safety Sensor System According to the National Safety Council, 37 kids are killed each year due to heatstroke after being left in a car. Safety Sensor System uses motion and CO2 sensors to alert drivers there’s a living thing inside the car with a small buzzer attached to their keys.

Impact Solutions Improving upon the Head Impact Telemetry System, Impact Solutions’ football helmet immediately assesses the magnitude of a blow to the head. “Previously it was all about [the athlete] saying what his symptoms were,” says team member Iain Drews, adding that some aren’t able to assess their situations after receiving a potentially life-threatening concussion. After a hit is detected, an LED light on the back of the helmet will flash red if the magnitude is greater than a previously set threshold.

H2DrOne The team set out to produce a drone capable of transitioning between aerial and underwater travel. “She’s never going to fly again, unfortunately,” says team member Jonathan DeBoy of the prototype that crashed four days before the competition. While some members of H2DrOne have accepted job offers, DeBoy says the project could continue with more funding. “If we show there’s a way to make this dream a reality, we might as well go for it.”

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