I’m with Jennifer Aniston’s stalker

She and I aren’t friends.

Jennifer Aniston just got a restraining order against crazed fan Jason Peyton.

I’m taking Peyton’s side on this one.

Yes, Peyton had a roll of duct tape, a “sharp object,” and a list of baby names on his person as he “lay in wait” for the Friends actress, and yes, he had the words “I love you Jennifer Aniston” carved into his car’s hood…but I’m still on his side.


Because Jennifer Aniston is just so darn accessible-seeming. Based on the quirky characters she plays and the way she acts during interviews, you’d figure she’d be thrilled to spend some quality time with her closest fans…and possibly have their babies.

Of course, it’s not just Aniston; most A- & B-list actresses claim to be down-to-earth. They go on and on about how much they “love” their fans. They always use the word “love,” no different from Peyton. And they expect us to know it’s pretense.

And most of us do. I, for instance, realize that Jennifer Aniston doesn’t actually want to be my friend.

But not everybody is this clever.

So if we’re going to blame Peyton for anything, let’s blame him for his naivety. Or let’s blame him for being hopeful.

Besides, at this point, for all we know, the “sharp object” Peyton had was the pencil he used to write the baby name list.


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