Sorry, muffins, but you’re not fooling anybody.

Chocolaty, muffin-like goodness.

Marie Callender's on Flamingo is testing the limits of what constitutes a muffin.

Triple Chocolate? Chocolate frosting? Chocolate chips? Sorry, but that’s not a muffin; that’s a cupcake.

Forgive me for quoting my own book, Lawyer Boy, but I think you’ll agree it’s spot-on:

“Studying in groups is fun and social, but studying isn’t supposed to be fun or social. That studying in groups is so palatable should tell you something. You know how you prefer the elliptical machine to the treadmill? That’s because it’s easier and doesn’t burn as many calories. You know how much you love eating muffins for breakfast? That’s because muffins are cake and not a legitimate breakfast food. Studying in groups is fun because it’s not studying.”


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