Poetry & truth for consenting adults

Either I’ve got a filthy mind or this sculpture looks just like….

I went home to Michigan for a week, and when I got there, I found this sculpture.

It’s called “Poetry & Truth”; it was sculpted by John Sauve; it looks just like two guys engaged in, um, consensual activity.

Or maybe I just have a dirty mind?

Look, if I saw this thing on the front yard of an MSU fraternity, I’d assume it were a joke. If I saw it in (incredibly liberal) Ann Arbor, I’d assume it were a political statement. But saw this piece in Birmingham, Michigan—the yuppie part of the state. So I’m thinking whoever acquired it just didn’t look at it from this angle.

Regardless, it’s good to be back in Vegas, where all the sexuality is intentional, overt, and monetized. (But don’t take my word for it; read Kristen Peterson’s story on sexuality, in Vegas, coming up in next week’s Weekly!)


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