Awesome vans & impractical magic

Climb on in!

Give it a sniff.

1) I see this van all the time. It’s usually parked behind McMullan’s Irish Pub. What’s nice about the van is this: if you park it in front of somebody’s house, they pretty much have to give you a massage.

Does that look practical to you?

2) You know your sanitary supply company is doing well when you can’t even be bothered to put a single image of a berry on your “BERRY PATCH”-scented deodorizer. (I snapped this picture in Bellagio, by the way.)

3) I came across this book at Borders on Rainbow & Lake Mead. I think I know why it’s in the discount section: Card tricks aren’t “practical magic”; “Practical magic” involves making food appear, making utility bills vanish, and turning stones into motorcycles—stuff like that.


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