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Late Night Doritos: mediocre day or night.

Doritos’ latest marketing effort involves branding two flavors of chips under the heading “Late Night,” with packaging that recalls neon signs in 24-hour diners. We tried both varieties during normal business hours. Here’s a sampling of reactions from around the Weekly offices.

Last Call Jalapeño Popper:

“That flavor should not be on a chip.”

“It’s got the same sort of kick that a jalapeño popper does.”

“It’s the aftertaste. At first it’s not so bad, but then, yuck.”

“I need to wash it down with a Skittle.”

“How can you hate any Dorito?”

Tacos At Midnight:

“They taste remarkably like tacos.”

“I taste meat!”

“A meat-flavored chip is a very good idea.”

“It feels like you could just eat a pile of these and then not eat anything else.”

“It tastes like camp. Remember Taco Day?”


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