The Modern Vegan aims to satisfy—and educate

Gia Schultz
Photo: Christopher DeVargas
Diana Edelman

The Modern Vegan wasn’t supposed to be this big. When Toronto native Gia Schultz first envisioned the restaurant it was tiny, maybe 1,200-square-feet with only a few tables. Plans changed.

There’s nothing small about the Modern Vegan, open near UNLV since mid-March. The menu offers more than 100 vegan options, both made-from-scratch and with popular vegan brands like Beyond Meat. The dishes themselves are heaping and Instagram-worthy. The space itself isn’t tiny, either—it seats 100 people.

Schultz’s goals with the restaurant are three-fold: to rival non-vegan spots with epic breakfast and brunch menus, to show people they can have breakfast without using animals or their by-products, and to counter the misconception that vegans only eat “carrots and celery and salads everyday. I wanted to create a restaurant where people like myself, my husband and our non-vegan friends could go and have good food,” the self-trained cook says. “If I want a burrito, I can get it; a skillet, I can get that; fried steak, whatever.”

For Schultz, who creates the dishes, anything non-vegan can be made vegan—and delicious—including classic American dishes like mac and cheese balls, corn dogs, fried chicken, biscuits and gravy and more. The Modern Vegan also features a full bar, and the Valley’s most extensive array of vegan desserts.

Schultz plans to expand the Modern Vegan to San Diego this fall.

The Modern Vegan 700 E. Naples Dr., 702-755-8127. Wednesday-Sunday 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

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