Downtown’s Women’s March drew thousands together in protest

Protesters gathered in downtown Las Vegas on Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017, in support of the Women’s March on Washington for the Women’s March in Las Vegas. Nevada Congresswomen Dina Titus and Congressman Ruben Kihuen were among some of the speakers to address the crowd as they gathered at Lloyd D. George U.S. Courthouse.
Photo: Yasmina Chavez
Stacy J. Willis

Women's March on Washington - Las Vegas 2017

On Saturday, millions of women marched in cities worldwide to show their objection to President Trump and his attacks on them, minorities, immigrants, the environment, affordable health care, public schools, transparency and a slew of other issues. They marched to show unity and a rededication to defending human rights. They marched to vent their frustration with a moment in history that feels more than ever like a horrendously produced reality TV show, or the beginning of something much darker.

Or maybe they didn’t. Alternatively, all Americans stayed home to watch President Trump attend church at the National Cathedral, because he is pious. He is 10.4 million times more pious than former President Obama. Sad!

We’re pretty sure thousands of Las Vegans showed up Downtown to march. Women, men and children packed the Fremont Street parking lot between 9th and 10th, carrying hundreds of signs: “Keep your tiny hands off of my uterus”; “I deserve dignity, respect and justice”; “Dump Trump”; “Women’s rights are human rights”; “Think! It does a nation good”; “Embrace diversity”; “Hell hath no fury like 157 million women scorned”; “Love is love, climate change is real, immigrants make a difference”; “I will raise children to tear down your walls”; “Girls just want to have fun-damental rights”; “Nasty women unite”; and “Equality.”

“I’ve been marching since 1968,” said Helen O’Reilly, 63, who drove to the march alone, dressed head-to-toe in suffragette white. “Every generation has some evil come along, and we have to keep fighting it. It doesn’t stop, and we can’t stop fighting,” she said. “It makes me proud to see everyone here.”

The crowd—estimated at more than 4,000—marched west on Fremont, turned south on Las Vegas Boulevard and arrived outside the Lloyd George Federal Courthouse, all the while chanting, “Stronger together, we won’t fall; justice, peace and equality for all.” On the courthouse steps, U.S. Reps Dina Titus and Ruben Kihuen were among the speakers vowing to keep up the political fight, and encouraging marchers to stay involved in the political process. (“Why didn’t these people vote?” Trump tweeted, perplexed, perplexingly, possibly working with alternative facts?)

“Now I see all of you, I feel empowered, I feel better,” Titus told the cheering crowd of Las Vegans. “I feel ready to fight.”

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