Old-fashioned dog walkers learn a new trick

Too hot to walk your dog? There’s an app for that.

As you read this, there’s a good chance your dog has looked at you, then at the door, then at you again. Maybe he or she even issued a questioning bark or two, wholly unaware that you’d rather stay in until the heat breaks in November. Now you can summon a bonded and insured professional dog walker to you 24/7 using Wag ( and Rover (, app-based services that allow you to search for a leash-holder in your neighborhood. Both services allow you to track the walk via GPS and provide photos of the outing, along with a “pee and poo report.”

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  • Traffic is predicted to double here in the next 20 years.

  • Nevada doesn’t sit in the “path of totality,” so just 72 percent of the sun will be covered above Las Vegas.

  • “We find cool buildings that are part of the architectural fabric of the community.”

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