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JUNE 26 - JULY 2
Best in PrintSee No Evil
To tell or not to tell? Why the stop-snitching phenomenon is more complicated than you might think. read article
Best in PrintChoke
For people whose primary awareness of novelist Chuck Palahniuk’s work comes from Fight Club (the movie version), ... read article
The nameless hero of Goliath is having a bad week. He’s getting divorced, a convicted sex offender ... read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionNo Escape
It’s been kind of crazy for Escape the Fate co-founder and former vocalist Max Green lately. The 24-year-old bassist has only been back in town ... more
Don’t blurb me, bro
This is an excerpt from the radio show Our Metropolis, a half-hour issues and affairs program that airs Tuesdays at 6 p.m. on KUNV 91.5-FM ... more
The IntersectionUnited we stand?
The young couple stands in their Summerlin driveway, an impromptu yard sale illustrating their plight. They need cash. Their house, once the symbol of a ... more
The IntersectionBoom cycle
Every now and again, if you’re around Vegas long enough, you hear about the June 20, 1955 issue of Life Magazine with a Moulin Rouge ... more
The Help Desk
Terry Lanni resigns from Gaming Association to devote more time to what’s important: Returning to the top spot on the “wealthiest Las Vegas executives” list. ... more


Retreat Redux
Red Rock Retreat (now on its second summer season at Red Rock Resort) pulls me out of the grueling nightlife routine of seemingly endless pool ... more
On deck at the pool at Palms Place
“Picture a backyard pool party with all your friends.” That’s how Jon Gray—assistant to Palms president George Maloof—sees his new Tuesday-evening pool party panning out. more
NightlifeAudigier est arrive
As any sophisticated nightlife aficionado knows, appearances are everything, and mispronouncing the name of Vegas’ new club may garner snide glances from selective door hosts ... more
NightlifeWine man walking
When wine connoisseurs think of great places for their beverage of choice in the western United States, several locales come to mind. There’s the Santa ... more
Nightlife6th Street Sazerac
As true to 19th-century Creole apothecary Antoine Amédée Peychaud’s original as he can come, Sproule employs the new Cask No. 16 (aged in French Oak ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentFemmes fatales
Vocalists Deneva Viera and Malley Rosen are a study in contrasts … sort of. Viera is a short Latina who looks like a gust of ... more
Arts and EntertainmentStripped of their gear
Since forming in late 2006 with the expressed goal of injecting a heavy dose of classic rock, ’80s hair metal and Sunset Strip glam-punk into ... more
Arts and EntertainmentNature’s thin screen
Artists often have obsessions, and the ability to make their obsessions ours, if only for the moment, is a measure of their success. more
Arts and EntertainmentAn e-mail chat with Donovan
Not many people have traveled with The Beatles, written songs with them or searched for the meaning of life, death and all the rest with ... more
A purr-fect night for music at the KGPA
“Watch out for the black cat. It scratched me,” Julie Rose warns as I arrive at the host site for a four-act local bill on Sunday. more
The head trip that is “Mystere”
As the large baby begins to totter on the brink of falling, as a snail the size of a Mack truck unfolds on the stage, ... more
Arts and EntertainmentGeorge Michael
No one in the nearly sold-out crowd seemed to mind that George Michael was 40 minutes late taking the stage Saturday night at MGM’s Grand ... more
Arts and EntertainmentBoston … post-Delp?!?
Brad Delp, the voice behind classic-rock staples “More Than a Feeling,” “Peace of Mind” and “Long Time,” committed suicide last year. Which leads to the ... more
Arts and EntertainmentRemembering George Carlin
There’s a pall hanging over a few segments of the population this week—the comedy geeks, those that came of age in the late ’60s and ... more
Double up on stand-up
The Beauty Bar is certainly known for its live music and DJ sets, but thus far it has yet to fully embrace the potential of ... more


ScreenEffortless wit and verve
The first thing you notice is the haze. Animated films—and especially the now-ubiquitous computer-animated variety—tend to be uniformly bright and shiny. Colors pop; surfaces gleam. ... more
ScreenThe Children of Huang Shi
I can just hear the pitch to the producer: “It’s Schindler’s List meets The Sound of Music.” And, more or less, that’s exactly how Spottiswoode’s ... more
Before sitting down to watch Mongol, a Russian effort—reportedly the first of three parts—chronicling the life of Genghis Khan, I skimmed through the dude’s Wikipedia ... more
ScreenDo not want
Based very loosely on the comic-book series by Mark Millar and J.G. Jones, Wanted transforms a dark, cynical and even nihilistic story into a morally ... more
ScreenHow the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer
Showcased at Sundance back in 2005, How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer finally makes its way to theaters thank no doubt to the increased ... more

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Kan can cook
TasteYou don’t come to Kan’s Kitchen for a romantic date. This is one of those “turn up the lights and eat” establishments where Cantonese can be heard across the room, but almost every single dish I tried here was delicious.




CD Cover Bonnie “Prince” Billy
Will Oldham’s catalog is so vast, it takes 15 seconds to scroll through his online discography. It’s amazing, then, that every one of his albums—from his days leading Palace to ...
CD Cover The Offspring
What a difference a couple of years makes. But since we’re talking about the SoCal stalwarts who inspired a million modern punkers with 1994’s Smash, this particular difference isn’t measured ...
CD Cover Motley Crue
Motley Crue’s first album in eight years (and first with their original lineup since 1997’s Generation Swine) is a conscious (self-conscious, even) effort to return to their ’80s glory days, ...

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Jun 26, 2008
by Xania Woodman

6th Street Sazerac

Working my way through bar manager George Sproule’s new summer cocktail menu (13 drinks—it was major), I was thrilled by the 6th Street Sazerac. As true to 19th-century Creole apothecary ...