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JULY 10 - JULY 16
Best in PrintBeef, bison, veal or veggie
10 great burgers you can chow down on in Vegas read article
Best in PrintYour right to vote
Can you get it back if youÕre a felon whoÕs served his time? read article
Best in PrintIdentity Crisis?
Nearly a year after its debut, Fremont East is hanging on, even if it means trying to forget its skanky past read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionNeither pucks nor Picassos
What should come first, the sports stadium or the fan base, the world-class museum or the appreciative culture? To those counting the days until we ... more
The IntersectionIdentity Crisis?
Sometimes findingÑand sheddingÑan identity is tough, especially when that identity is a gateway to drugs, sex and debauchery only yards away from nearly a dozen ... more
Read between the party lines
WeÕre reeling from a series of jolts: $4.50-a-gallon gasoline, neighborhoods shaken by empty homes, rapidly rising food prices, growing unemployment and a war in its ... more
Flush in the pan
Joanna Freund and her boyfriend, George, have flown in all the way from Toronto to be here at the 2008 World Series of PokerÕs Main ... more
A legacy owed to Celine
This is an excerpt from the radio show Our Metropolis, a half-hour issues and affairs program that airs Tuesdays at 6 p.m. on KUNV 91.5-FM ... more
The Help Desk
Star Trek: The Experience to close September 1. Who needs science fiction? $4 a gallon for gas? A text-messaging governor? Gambling on the decline? WeÕre ... more


NightlifeMoving house
The Empire Ballroom crew isn’t homeless for long, Soundbar hunts for venues, alcohol-free drinks? and Christmas in July. Get a nightlife. more
NightlifeAnuhea “Anu” Hawkins
Anuhea “Anu” Hawkins has made a name for herself as the sommelier at Nove Italiano at the Palms, but when she’s not studying and serving ... more
NightlifeOut with the new, in with the newer
In case you didnÕt notice from the dozens of enormous cranes littering the skyline, Las Vegas is a city obsessed with the new. Where once ... more
Fresh off the vine
Christian AudigierÑthe man, the designer, the winemaker? I learned a lot about the French designer-culprit behind Ed Hardy, Diesel and Von Dutch during a hard-hat ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentSin City sex trade(3 comments)
Tell-all books have a hold on the public psyche for much the same reason that high-level gossip does: Americans are a nosy bunch, as addicted ... more
Arts and EntertainmentA botched operation
Movies and TV shows about AmericaÕs current conflicts in the Middle East havenÕt exactly fared well recently, either critically or commercially, but that hasnÕt stopped ... more
Arts and EntertainmentSparkle É dimÉ and fade to black
ÒItÕs hard in this town because thereÕs a lot of competition,Ó muses drummer Doug De Nada. ÒBut a lot of the people that appreciated us ... more
Arts and EntertainmentTalk of the Town
Call Halloween Town a local supergroup if you want, but its leader prefers a different term. more
Arts and EntertainmentPhenom of funny
Not many produce more than a few albums over the entire course of a comedy career. more
Arts and EntertainmentBlades of steel
Jack Dagger, otherwise known as the ÒKing of Fling,Ó has tossed knives at everyone from potential Louisiana politicians looking for notoriety to targets (or possibly ... more
Arts and EntertainmentThe Bleachers
Named NevadaÕs Best New Band in the Boston PhoenixÕs recent Ò50 Bands, 50 StatesÓ survey, The Bleachers prove they deserve a big seat at the ... more


ScreenCreature Feature
Filmmakers with a distinctive vision can generally be divided into two camps: those primarily concerned with human behavior and those obsessed with the properties of ... more
ScreenJourney to the Center of the Earth
Perhaps someday, movies made in digital 3-D will be so commonplace that weÕll see relationship dramas, workplace comedies and psychological thrillers in three dimensions, but ... more

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Beef, bison, veal or veggie; french fries, onions, blue cheese or lobster; …
TastePeople get emotional when it comes to their favorite burger. At FatherÕs Office in Los Angeles, the burger joint du moment in that city, chef Sang Yoon has them lining up to eat his burger with bacon, onion and Gruyere cheese, and he totally forbids the use of ketchup.
Succulent Carnage
TasteHot nÕ Juicy Crawfish. Just the name of the joint made me want to go in the first time I saw it. Its Spring Mountain location at first made me wonder if it was an Asian concept, but I was elated to learn that the New Orleans tradition of the …




CD Cover The Hold Steady
Over the course of three albums, AmericaÕs best bar band has penned modern-classic rock ÕnÕ roll odes to drinking, drugging and generally partying until one passes out.
CD Cover Ed Harcourt
British singer-songwriter extraordinaire Ed Harcourt has a best-of album, but we in the U.S. get The Beautiful Lie two years late.
CD Cover Fleet Foxes
They look like hippies. They frequently get compared to Crosby, Stills & Nash.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Jul 10, 2008
by Xania Woodman

Hangover Buster

Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a É raging bloody hangover! Summer drinking, pool parties, insufficient water intake, quaffing alcoholic drinks for refreshmentÑall can lead to killer hangovers. Though not ...